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Release Notes 1.2.3 Are Now Live!

July 20, 2020

Release Notes:

NEW Feature:


Our Hero can now battle the most Wanted bosses in Lootopia to claim fame and fortune.

  • Players can access Wanted bounties after completing stage 20.
  • Bounties are separate stages that do not affect adventure progression.
  • New Bounties are available each day.
  • There are 3 bounty difficulties (easy, medium, hard).
  • Each Bounty is generated with random modifiers.
  • Each Boss is generated with a random name and modifiers.
  • Players will be able to claim one of three hero gear after completing at least 1 bounty per day for 7 days straight.



Daily Quests from the Inn have been redesigned and now provide better rewards.


Achievements have been redesigned and now provide Diamonds as rewards for completing them.


The Tower and Lab have been merged into a single building and unlocks after stage 50.

  • Potions and scrolls are now craftables. They don’t drop from monsters anymore.
  • You can bring any choice of 2 with a maximum stack of 5 per stage
  • Upgrading the building will unlock stronger recipes


Elemental Affinities:

  • All hero gear items will now have an elemental affinity that will boost damage against another element.

Elemental Damage cycle

  • Fire > Ice
  • Ice > Earth
  • Earth > Lightning
  • Lightning > Fire

Secondary stats

  • All hero gear of the same quality level will now draw from a common pool of secondary stats regardless of their family.

Family Set Bonus

  • When players equip hero gear of the same family, a bonus perk is activated. The more items of the same family, the stronger the perk.


  • Chests now drop on predetermined stages
  • New equipment screen with affinities and success meter


  • Low HP
    • Low HP feedback is now clearer and more visible
  • Bombs
    • A pie chart timer is now visible to show when the bomb will explode
    • The range of the explosion is now visible
    • Can now drag bombs away so the explosion is away from their equipment
  • Elemental affinities
    • The Element affinities should be visible during the Action Phase on monsters

Be the hero Lootopia deserves

Overloot is a fast-paced RPG puzzle game developped by BKOM Studios.