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Release Notes 1.2.2 Are Now Live!

May 11, 2020

Release Notes 1.2.2


  • Fixed an issue where the coin texture wasn’t the right one when using Treasure Finding potion.
  • Fixed an issue where Grid items that merged during their Appear animation are brighter than they should be
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Gold in the HUD did not update after buying Gold.
  • Fixed an issue where the button of Combine is overlapped / blocked the texts behind.
  • Fixed an issue where The HUD and Buddy Icon were missing after the player revived.


  • Android no longer requires Permissions for OS6+
  • Added more rules the Sweeney Buddy active power:
  • Items of the same type should be adjacent, horizontally and vertically
  • Should not cause overloot
  • Optimize spaces so no holes are left

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