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Release Notes 1.2.0 Are Now Live!

March 24, 2020

Release Notes 1.2.0

NEW Content:

Overloot 1.2.0 introduces the Buddy system!
Buddies are companions that you can bring along in your adventures.
They have their own unique look and abilities.

Game Balancing Changes:

GRID - Major tweaks:
We’ve taken feedback from various reviews and have completely reworked the game grid. Gameplay is a lot smoother and feels more intuitive when moving and merging items in the grid.

Game Balancing:
A big pass on balancing was done to smooth out the progression curve making things easier and more linear in terms of difficulty and upgrade investment.

Major Fixes:

  • Fixed a case where Items were used but not taken out of the inventory when tapping on the item as it fell from breaking a Rock.
  • Bombs no longer stay in the game grid after killing a Boss
  • Frozen FX now fits properly on weapons
  • Rocks don’t stay follow in the reward screen anymore
  • Fixed an issue where the hero would run endlessly after a bomb exploded
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes items would become invisible on the game grid
  • Added the break ice animation on Gunblades
  • No leftover FX remains after beating a stage
  • Fixed an issue when shifting a shape caused all present effects to become unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where the Hero could become motionless after defeating an enemy.
  • Resolved an app size issue

Other Changes:

  • Improved chest opening visuals
  • Improved some UI placements
  • Fixed various smaller issues
  • Further optimized the game

Be the hero Lootopia deserves

Overloot is a fast-paced RPG puzzle game developped by BKOM Studios.