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Release Notes 1.1.9 Are Now Live!

January 8, 2019

Release Notes 1.1.9


  • Death node functional in all cases: dying while defeating an enemy causes the Revive screen to remain on screen.
  • The Hero stops moving when trying to equip an electrified item.
  • Four chest slots disappeared from the menu, making it impossible to get or open new chests.
  • Lightning Items that crash the game.
  • Chest ads reset if timer corrupted, timer module rearranged.
  • Time module refactor.
  • Confirmation prompt on reward obtained.
  • Fixed error on villager reward quit.
  • Added Animation to the Villager Reward Prompt.


  • New villager special reward system
  • Removing processing screen for interstitial

NEW Content:

  • CCPA prompt for new rules
  • Updated legal prompt to support new CCPA check

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