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Release Notes 1.1.7 are now Live!

December 2, 2019

Release Notes 1.1.7


  • Back transparent blocker screen remained on screen when the user encounters 2 Contextual Tutorials at the same time.
  • When scrolling the map, the Stage detail won’t open by mistake.
  • The hero gear upgrade button would stay active after reaching the Max Level.
  • The app soft locks when tapping the Achievements button in German.
  • Improved localization
  • An invisible collision could appear when removing items under those affected by Monster Effect.
  • App soft locked when an enemy triggers a Monster Effect while there are no items in the Inventory.
  • Daily Inn Quests Timers could be in the negative
  • The Hero could get in an infinite "hit" animation loop against gumdrop slimes
  • The text for MAX LVL didn’t fit when trying to merge a Hero Gear at Max Level.
  • The red border for being low HP was displayed at the beginning of the level.
  • After playing for a while, the gold awarded after completing a level was higher than intended
  • Pausing right at the start of a boss or mid boss fight didn’t pause the game
  • Power-Up buttons would disappear when Overlooting during a Boss Fight
  • Name of the combined item was cropped after combining on a device with a large screen.
  • Game would crash when minimizing as a Treasure Chest’s countdown is over.
  • It’s no longer possible to Overloot during the Tutorial
  • The Hero’s legs were misplaced when returning to the game after quitting while wearing a helmet and running at the same time.


  • Improved Map Inertia when scrolling
  • A Weapon Drop is now guaranteed when killing a Monster to prevent situations where users fight forever with only their fists
  • Free Bronze Chest is now set to every 6h
  • Chest content Changes:
    • Increased base value for Wood and Iron for all chests and End of stage reward
    • Silver Chest
      • Increased reward multiplier to 2.5
      • Removed chance to have 0 power up
      • Added chance to have 3 power ups
    • Gold Chest
      • Increased reward multiplier to 6.25
      • Removed chance to have 1 and 2 power ups
      • Now gold chests have 3 power ups guaranteed
  • Chest Drop Rates:
  • Mini-boss
    • No chest: 57.5%
    • Bronze: 40%
  • The "Rarer Chest" Adventure Boost did not have the expected behavior:
    • When the boost is activated:
      • if player loots no chest, give bronze chest
      • if player loots bronze chest, give silver chest
      • if player loots silver chest, give gold chest

NEW Features:

  • Going through the Adventure map, it remembers the last level grinded for quicker access
  • Added Monster Visuals in the Inn Quests for users to better identify the objectives

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